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Fast wheel lotto generator 1.0

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Fast wheel lotto generator
In this demo we support lotto 7/39. You will get software that make combinations with 7 numbers in it, from 8-39 numbers, you can control sum of each combination,number of odd/even numbers i it, one fix number and numbers in range. After that it will not be hard task to use all this speed and make lotto wheeling system of any kind. You will get well documented source code (application is written in POWER BASIC, we choose it, because you can easily follow BASIC source , speed of execution is great, there is inline assembler support, you can make DLL and price for this compiler is nice). It will be easy to recreate all of this logic to other programmers tools if you need or want. We do our best to document everything, so nothing we left blank for you. You will use full power of 32bit processors with MMX support, thanks to it this all can be done in a second, sorry in small part of a second.
Windows, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Fast wheel lotto generator
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Author: AS Computer Software
License: Shareware
File Size: 124.0 KB
Downloads: 21

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